Kitchen Automation

Effectively enhance productivity and profit with 24-7’s Kitchen Automation solution.

Improve food quality, save on labor, and shorten table turns by automating the most critical area of your restaurant—the kitchen.

  • Fully customizable kitchen station views with advanced routing and display options for orders to get hot food out hot and cold food out cold
  • View critical speed of service data and reports in real-time, while capturing production for historical reporting
  • User-defined colors, fonts, and font formatting along with graphical menu cards further enhance accuracy, efficiency, and training

Insight Into Operations

Capture all activities around guests to measurably increase efficiency and quality

  • View critical speed of service data in real-time
  • Easily extract production data for use within third party reporting tools
  • Special timed events table captures all order and item level events, including bump records, cook actions, and display times
  • Pre-set store level reports include: Speed of Service Summary, Ticket Time Analysis, Cook Time Variance, Prepared/Bumped Variance, and Store/Recall Performance Reports
  • Easily configure report settings on the fly to pull a Quick Report on a one-time basis

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