Custom Integration

Full-Service System Setup, Training, Integration and On-Going Management

With 24-7’s Custom Accounting Service you gain full-service system setup, training, integration and on-going management of your accounting systems. You can increase your profit levels by controlling daily costs and revenues and eliminating duplication work freeing managers to spend more time generating sales and managing performance.

Reports Target Four Main Areas of Profit Picture:

  • Inventory Control
  • Labor Control
  • Sales Control
  • Overhead Control

Inventory Control System

Inventory control is the combination of tools, procedures and reports to ensure that inventory is used as intended.

Inventory Control Elements

  • Detailed standards for purchasing and production
  • Written procedures for each of the six inventory stages
  • Methods for counting and valuing inventory
  • Ongoing training and staff feedback
  • Regular monitoring and enforcement of execution
  • Regular inspection of products and inventory counting
  • Regular performance evaluations comparing actual use with expected use

Labor Control System

Attain maximum efficiency of staff without compromising service. To control labor, a restaurant must accomplish 3 tasks:

  • Schedule effectively for each day’s business level
  • Manage each shift to productively utilize staff and to avoid unnecessary costs
  • Maintain a well-trained staff with minimal turnover

Restaurant Sales Control

Two goals of sales control – Revenue Control and Effective Selling

Revenue Control ensures that customer orders result in appropriate revenue.

Properly setup and maintained POS is a great revenue control tool. Daily sales reports and analysis will highlight problems in the POS control.

  • POS Price Audit: ensure correct prices are entered in POS
  • Duplicate Menu Items: highlight number of ways items can be rung
  • Sales Tax Audit: ensure correct sales tax is applied
  • Daily Reconciliation: balance sales revenue and tenders received
  • Discount and Comp Summary: track discounts used

Effective Selling maximizes profit by pricing properly and selling the menu.

Effective selling requires an understanding of sales mix and menu item profitability. With our integrated recipe costing, you have updated costs for all your menu items and a full sales mix and purchasing history allowing you to do sales analysis for any period you wish.

  • Menu Profit Reports show sales and gross profit for each menu item
  • Price Change Reports show changes in inventory prices
  • Ideal Analysis shows actual costs, expected costs, and cost variances
  • Menu Engineering shows relative profitability and popularity of menu items

Restaurant Operating Cost Control

Operating expenses are controlled by comparing actual expenses to budgets.  Budget items should consider the following variable and fixed components.

  • Direct Operating Expenses: linen rental, uniforms, china and glassware, kitchen utensils, menus, contract cleaning, flowers and decorations.
  • Utilities
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Music and Entertainment
  • General and Administrative
  • Occupancy Costs
  • Depreciation

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