Donut Connection

When college professor Portia Diaz invested in her first Donut Connection franchise in Pittsburgh PA, she needed system tools to become successful. What makes 24-7 Hospitality Technology special is that it provides a one-stop POS Total Solution, which means 24-7 takes care of all your software, hardware, support, training, credit card processing and warranty needs.

“They’ve got everything to make it easy to set up my Donut Shop POS system,” says Portia. The 24-7 POS not only helps her run transactions, but it also helps her to operate with shop management features built into the system. This includes inventory management, labor control for employees, and custom reports. For a new business owner, getting these tools is the most important step in organizing ones business. And because 24-7 POS allowed expansion and adding new menu items easily, it has become “more than just a donut shop”.

Today, Portia Diaz is opening her second Donut Connection franchise shop in the Pittsburgh metro area. Donut Connection offers a wide variety of donuts, coffee, baked goods, bagels, party trays and more. The chain has grown to over 150 stores in the United States. Owner entrepreneurs enjoy the flexibility of managing their own businesses, while still benefiting from a powerful national brand.

“Knowing that I wanted to continue to teach and work remotely as my business grew, I searched for a systemspartner that could support my expansion plans and keep me connected to my shops, providing control and peace of mind.” --Portia Diaz, Donut Connection Pittsburgh, PA

24-7 Hospitality Technology Featured Solutions

At last a POS Total Solution makes it easy to grow your business.24-7 Hospitality Success Systems

  • Easy-to-train touch screen technology
  • Multiple payment processing
  • Simple database building
  • Easy end-of-day procedure and email option
  • Cashier/manager accountability
  • Real time status of entire business
  • Automatic system updating
  • Built-in redundancy
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Compliance (PCI DDS)
  • Free gift card processing

For more information on these solutions, contact us at 888-275-5735.

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