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Buffalo Wild Wings Franchisee improves service with 24-7 Total Solution

By Richard Andrews, President and CEO, RAMB Co. LCC

RAMB Co. owns and operates three Buffalo Wild Wings franchises in northern Ohio. We switched to 24-7 Hospitality Technology to obtain better quality of service, and we haven’t been disappointed. Counting other Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants I have operated, I am currently installing my ninth 24-7 Total Solution location. The equipment and software run flawlessly, and when we need assistance it is provided in a timely manner.

Since 2002, RAMB Co. has had a POS system partner in 24-7 Hospitality Technology that meets our current and future needs, while providing round-the-clock service and reliability. Over the years, the 24-7 team has become an integral part of the RAMB franchise operations. Before we installed 24-7 systems in 2002, our Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants had service problems, and we were unable to get computer support in a timely fashion. Furthermore, when a computer terminal went down it brought our whole operation to a standstill.

Another challenge was the requirement that new systems provide a seamless transition from our old technology. Our new systems needed to mirror the look and feel of our existing system screens, so we could minimize training. Finally, we wanted computer systems that had the latest bells and whistles to greatly reduce downtime, connect to our enterprise system, and allow us to quickly implement new recipes and control costs.

A Total Restaurant Management Solution

The management system provided by 24-7 links our Buffalo Wild Wings stores to their customer wait list, kitchen, cash management, and accounting systems, providing a Total Solution. In addition, 24-7’s unique approach to technical support allows managers to reach technicians to handle any issue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
The 24-7 Total Solution is a computer management system that combines sound business strategy with a “user friendly” approach. The systems help increase profitability by controlling daily activities and revenues and helping to eliminate duplication of work. We are able to monitor our entire operation, reduce downtime, quickly implement new recipes, and control costs. The system supports our multiple cost centers including bar, dinning, takeout, and private parties.

Features include an intuitive navigation system, the quickest order entry in the industry, meal coursing, job throttling, definition of item cooking times, and a multiple menu-item change wizard. In addition, the system provides for fast and accurate server checkouts, flash reports, and quick ticket query from previous days. The system provides an employee clock-in to multiple jobs and pay rates, over 200 business reports, and complete cash control.

Easy Installation

We can do a lot of the installation ourselves because the 24-7 Total Solution is intuitive, offering unmatched ease of use. The systems are based on the Microsoft Windows platform rather than proprietary technology. The systems use touch screens for easy training based on Buffalo Wild Wings best practices. This technology has been installed in over 200 of Buffalo Wild Wings franchises from one end of the country to the other.

The Bottom Line

RAMB Co. LLC has been very happy with the 24-7 Hospitality Technology solution and service. This solution has significantly improved our operational efficiency, control, and service of our restaurants.

The end result is that RAMB Co. reduces our downtime to almost zero, while we have seen a marked ability to improve customer satisfaction and manage our costs. For example, we can now quickly add menu items and build the correct recipes that ensure quality and consistency across our restaurants. This frees up our staff to focus on quality of service rather than spending time on computer work.

Richard Andrews, President/CEO, RAMB Co. LLC, Hudson, Ohio, is an owner of a three restaurant chain in northern Ohio. After a background in corporate engineering and management in Australia, Andrews has been operating restaurants and implementing computer systems in Buffalo Wild Wings franchise organizations since 2001.

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