Amsterdam Falafelshop

When world travelers Arianne and Scott Bennett started their restaurant chain in Washington DC, and then began franchising, they knew that things would develop fast. Knowing that they wanted to travel and work remotely as they grew, they searched for a systems-partner that could support their expansion plans and keep them connected to their restaurants, providing them with the control and piece of mind necessary to monitor growth and stay connected to their key people.

“On-the-road, 24-7 provides us with reports from our POS and Accounting systems.” said Arianne. “They provide a solution that fits our business and supports our franchise partners by using the latest software technologies for virtual support when we are on the road, plus customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.”

“24-7 is the perfect partner. For over a month when we were away in Mexico, our restaurant business ran smoothly using 24-7 Hospitality Technology, while Scott and I received daily reports from our POS and Accounting systems."--Arianne Bennett President and CEO Amsterdam Falafelshop


The Total Restaurant Solution—access anywhere, anytime.

Let 24-7 provide your business with full-service system setup, training, integration and on-going management With 24-7 Hospitality Technology’s custom accounting service you gain full-service system setup, training, integration and on-going management of your accounting systems. Increase your profit levels by controlling daily costs and revenues and eliminating duplication, freeing managers to spend more time generating sales and managing performance.

Leveraging the Internet and its related technologies, 24-7 extracts the data from each store to give you access to the information anywhere, anytime. Escalate from a single store to an entire enterprise. And because the system is modular, use just the services needed, from sales reporting to gift cards to employee scheduling. We can accept the data from a variety of sources, including other POS systems, so you can grow into our enterprise solution before you retrofit all your locations.


  • Accurate and timely performance evaluations with minimal effort, including food and beverage cost, labor cost, sales, and controllable P&L
  • Systems customized for each restaurant using the PROFIT PROCESS
  • Managers are focused on short-term goals unique to their particular restaurant, and have daily feedback to measure progress
  • Integrated data from POS, accounting, purchasing, and payroll systems minimizing duplicate data entry, saving time and reducing errors
  • Complete setup, training, and ongoing management options available allowing you to start using the system effectively, without a big learning curve


SOFTWARE, TOOLS, AND PROCEDURES: To proactively manage inventory and labor and to integrate data from your POS System to your accounting and payroll systems

TARGETS: Daily, weekly, and monthly operating targets for food, beverage, labor, and overhead costs, based on the actual sales mix for the period, using established standards and ideal analysis.

CONTROL REPORTS: Simple and concise reports that measure performance by comparing actual results to the established operating targets. Reports target our main areas of profit picture:

  • inventory control
  • labor control
  • sales control
  • overhead control

24-7 Hospitality Technology partners with Bullseye Restaurant Controls to utilize data from several different information systems, including the POS, Purveyor Ordering, Back-Office, Payroll, and Accounting Systems.

We can provide software to manage the Back-Office and Accounting systems and to integrate all the systems together. It is important to coordinate the selection and configuration of each system to optimize data integration.

For more information on these solutions, contact us at 888-275-5735.

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