We switched to 24-7 Hospitality Technology to reduce our ongoing investment in POS hardware support and achieve better hardware performance and reliability. We have not been disappointed. And when we needed assistance from 24-7 HT it is provided immediately.

Randy Liss, Information Technology Manager for Apple-Metro New York City Area franchisee for Applebee's®

Since going with 24x7 in 2005, 24-7 has delivered what you promised through a commitment to a high level of service. Problems are quickly resolved so they don't affect our guests. As the owner, I don't have to spend my time on service issues. Instead, they are quickly handled between the GM's and 24-7's experienced staff.

Cory Wilk, Owner of City Range Grille

For over a month when we were away in Mexico, our restaurant business ran smoothly using 24-7 Hospitality Technology, while Scott and I received daily reports from our POS and Accounting systems.

On-the-road, 24-7 provides us with reports from our POS and Accounting systems. They provide a solution that fits our business and supports our franchise partners by using the latest software technologies for virtual support when we are on the road, providing us with the control and piece of mind necessary to monitor growth and stay connected to our key people.

Arianne Bennett, President and CEO Amsterdam Falafelshop

My food costs have dropped in three stores 2.6%, 1.5% and 1.7%. The biggest thing that we have found is that with the new back office we now know what our "legit" costs should be as compared to what we think it should be by asking other franchisees...all stores are different, different mixes etc. The biggest thing that we have been able to do is reduce our "variance" between actual and legit...from 4-5% to below 3% and it continues to be worked upon (these numbers include everything like grease, fuel surcharges, trade discounts and condiments)...our goal is to get it under 2%. I don't give sole credit to the POS/Back office as we were dialing things in prior to in 2007. Preportioning etc. But what you have provided is a tool that defines what our goals should be and to find areas to improve upon and we can get our results immediately.

Ken Brown, Buffalo Wild Wings